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Home of Brenda Doucette

This website is dedicated to all my friends & family
who have stood By me throughout the years

    From making new friends in different game sites on the net,
to facing reality in this real world    

You must not take life for granted,
because we only live one life. 

I Support the Wild Life 100%
I Love My Animals!!

Special Thanks To My Friends I'm Here Today!!
Owl & Wolf Sets Made by


Radio Santiago

Simply The Best
Radio On The Net!

Love Starts!!!
Love starts with a smile
grows with a kiss
and ends with a tear

Don't cry over anyone
who won't cry over you

Good friends are hard to find
harder to leave
and impossible to forget

Don't let the past hold you back
you're missing the good stuff

BEST FRIENDS are the siblings
GOD forgot to give us

When it hurts to look back,
and you're scared to look forward,
you can look beside you,
and you BEST FRIEND will be there

Nobody is Perfect,
Until you FALL in Love with them

Have A Great Year!!

April Showers Brings May Flowers.......
May Flowers bring us......
"Mother's Day"

June Summer Blues........
June Summer Blues bring us..
"Father's Day"

July's Independents Day....
July's Independents Day brings us.....

August New Moon,
August New Moon brings us.....

September Falling Leaves,
"Labor Day"
September Falling Leaves Brings Us.......

October Goblins.

October Goblins bring us
November Rain,
November Rain Brings Us Turkeys from All over,
"Thanksgiving Day"

November Rain Brings Us December Snow,
Cheerful Caring, Giving Time Of Year,
"Christmas Day"

December Brings in the New Year of January,
"New Years Day"

January brings in
the Mudslides of February,
Mudslides of February brings in March Madness,
"Valentine's Day"

March Madness brings in once again April Showers!!
"St.Patrick's Day"


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